Kundalini Yoga


With Kundalini Yoga, everyone is welcome.

No notion of level, no prerequisites. The practice is above all a spiritual awakening and spirituality cannot be measured. Everyone progresses at their own pace. This is why you will come across experienced people and neophytes in the same course.

No goals to achieve, no need to be flexible or be a model of serenity. Just need/want to know yourself better, to understand yourself better and to gradually transform yourself for a better life.

Everyone has their own inner experience.

Un cours de Kundalini Yoga, c’est s’offrir un instant d’écoute et d’observation de soi pour travailler sur le corps physique (le squelette, les muscles, les organes, …), le système glandulaire et le système énergétique (les chakras).

We use the body and the breath to reach the mental and emotional plane.

Revealing unconscious resistances to transform them and free oneself from them: it gives incredible joy and energy!

It is also an excellent yoga for the back. The spine is the mirror of our beliefs. We work on the relaxation and fluidity of the emotions responsible for the tensions. The spinal column regains its verticality, the yogi regains its inner comfort.

It is a deeply touching experience to harmonize body, mind and soul.

It invites you to open your heart, to take responsibility and to forge the courage to be yourself.

Take back your power and become creator of your reality..