Progress of a course


We start by opening the practice space by chanting a mantra to connect: to Self, to the group and to activate its primordial vibration.

This creates a climate of kindness and tolerance where everyone can practice and (re)discover themselves in complete confidence. No need to know how to sing. When the vibration comes from the heart, it always rings true.
Nul besoin de savoir chanter. Quand la vibration vient du cœur, cela sonne toujours juste.

The sounds emitted by the voice create a vibration at the core of our being, at the physical, emotional and energetic levels.
It is Naad-Yoga, the yoga of sound.

It allows to work in depth and has a positive effect on our nervous and glandular system. It brings both inner appeasement, renewed energy and self-esteem.

Then we practice a kriya chosen according to the energy of the season: each season corresponds to an element, a chakra, organs, emotions, to learn to fluidify or a character to strengthen.

A kriya is a sequence of movements synchronized with specific breaths. This detoxifies the body by circulating Prana, vitality.
Cela permet de détoxifier l’organisme en faisant circuler le Prana, la vitalité.

By the regularity and the repetition of the movements the flow is created. It soothes the mind, allows letting go.
Diving into this flow opens up new spaces of the inner world and their exploration.

The kriya prepares for meditation: It can be sung with a mantra (Laya Yoga), with specific breaths or particular postures or movements. Or sometimes all three.

Some open the heart, others channel the mind, others balance the cerebral hemispheres...

Practicing these meditations allows you to create an intimate link with yourself and to reveal peace & love in yourself.

The class ends with a relaxation played on the gong.

It is a time of integration allowing the deep assimilation of the energy activated during the session.

We close the space by chanting a last short mantra and the class ends.

Sat Nam