Introducing myself


Lover for nature and wild spaces, I start my yoga practice in 2011 during a van-trip in Europe. Hatha Yoga manual in hands, I start to experiment yoga posture, breathing techniques and their benefits

Naturaly, that become the best way to start my days : greet the sun, thanks my body and earth. Listen my breath, enjoy the elements, the nature.

In 2017 my back become very painful. Verdict : 4 discopathies in the lower-back. Physical therapies sessionsare not enought. I needed to cure the cause : my injuries, my beliefs, my fears.

It's in this context that I discovered the Kundalini Yoga.

The practice became a second breath in my life and allowed me to revive the ember partially extinguished.

My thirst for experiences and knowledge of the self, led me to Karta Satyaswarati founder of the international school of Kundalini Yoga: Amrit Nam Sarovar.

Some retreats later, I decided to continue my evolution while training in teaching in the school that saw me awaken.

Today, my permanent student attitude allows me to keep teaching alive and constantly evolving.

I wish to put my experience and the vibrations of Kundalini Yoga at the service of those who wish to initiate their transformation.

Allowing everyone to free and discover themselves and cultivate their inner flame.

Love & Light